The 10 Must-Have Photos that will Sell Your Van

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The 10 Must-Have Photos that will Sell Your Van

Buy or Sell Campers

Buy or Sell Campers

20 January 2023

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So you’re ready to sell your van. Congrats! Whether you’re about to embark on a new chapter in your life (or at least, in your van’s life) or whether this isn’t your first rodeo and you build and sell vans like a pro, this blog is for you!

Before you list your camper for sale, there are a few things you need to do first. Namely, take some killer photos of your campervan. Because let’s face it, the better the photos, the better the chance of selling your campervan quickly – and for the best price.

We recommend approaching this from two angles: the ‘must-have essentials’ and the ‘nice-to-haves’. Nail the essentials and you will sell your van, but hit the nice-to-haves too, and you’ll increase the sale price.

Developing a Campervan Photography Shootlist

Whether you’re doing your campervan photoshoot yourself with a smartphone or hiring a professional photographer, starting out with a shootlist will ensure you land all those killer shots!

So what are the 10 Must-have Photos That Will Sell Your Van? Here’s your shootlist of the absolute essentials that will land that all-important sale:

The Exterior Essentials

  1. Front-on Shot
  2. Side Profile (Passenger Side and Nearside) Shot
  3. Van Booty (Rear!) Shot

The Interior Essentials

  1. Straight Through Shot
  2. At an Angle Shot
  3. Detail Shot
  4. Electric Set-up Shot
  5. Hygiene Shot
  6. Configuration Shot
  7. Wow-factor Shot

Campervan Sales Photography: The Exterior Essentials

Buyers need to get a feel for the entire size and shape of the van. As campervan builders and sellers, we know the difference a Ford Transit Adventure, a Mercedes Sprinter, and a Promaster 159 High Roof look like, but buyers will be less clued-up. Good exterior shots are worth 10,000 words. Especially if you’ve added to the build with bespoke windows, racks, ladders and alloys, etc. You’ll want to capture the following shots:

1. Front-on Photograph

To show the front profile. Consider the location – this is an opportunity to sell the lifestyle and the dream! We love the composition of this photo from Nova Conversions – great oceanside location, with the ultimate vanlife companion in-shot too.

Front of luxury Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van with dog and sea in background
Photo credit: Nova Conversions

2. Side Profile (Passenger Side and Nearside) Photographs

Capturing the passenger side and nearside is particularly important if you have bespoke window configurations. On the passenger side, get the shot with the side door open, closed is optional.

The photo below is a great use of this opportunity with the awning extended too. Then, in the next shot the clever angle gives us a good feel for the extra space provided by the side flares too.

Mercedes Sprinter camper van conversion from Oxbow Van Conversions with camper van awning open
Photo credit: Oxbow Van Conversions
Mercedes Camper Van Conversion side view of camper van with flares selling camper van
Photo credit: Oxbow Van Conversions

3. Van Booty (Rear!) Photographs

Capture your van booty with the doors open and closed. For good measure, include some lifestyle props. Does your van have a garage? Is it designed to be big enough for a couple of bikes or a board? Make sure your photos showcase this.

Rear of Mercedes Sprinter camper van with the doors open, looking through across a bed towards the front of the van
Photo credit: Oxbow Van Conversions

Campervan Sales Photography: The Interior Essentials

To capture the essence of your campervan, photographs of its interior are a must. Every van is unique, and the perfect shots will differ depending on what makes your build special. We’re looking for full-van shots, and little details that make your heartbeat a little faster.


Pro Tip: Using a wide angle setting for full-view interiors will give your van photos a spacious, open feel and will capture your van in its entirety, making it feel like a much larger space.

You’ll know your build intimately, including the bits you really want to showcase. Here’s a starter for ten:

4. Straight Through Photograph

Capture front to back and back to front, centrally – so straight on. Depending on the configuration of your campervan build, one of these may work better for you than the other, or you may have already got a killer shot when you shot the van booty as part of the exterior.


If there is something particularly notable/desirable upfront – a sliding door through to the cab or swivel seats for example, you may want to capture this shot from part way inside the campervan.


The key is to get the shots, and critically review them (as you go, if possible!) Pick the ones with the most wow. Buyers want to see a variety of angles, but really only one of each – too many is overkill.

Mercedes Sprinter camper van conversion interior with side door open, featuring sink, tap, sofa and bed - Class B campervan for sale by owner
Oxbow Van Conversions, Mercedes Sprinter Camper

5. At an Angle Photograph

These will often be the real hero shots, so work it! Capture shots front-to-back from the nearside and front-to-back from the passenger side, right down-through the campervan. Remember: wide angle setting for these. Or, a high f/stop setting, such as f/16 – if using a DSLR camera.

Interior of Mercedes Sprinter camper van with side door open, featuring sink, tap and wooden units
Photo Credit: Oxbow Van Conversions

6. Detail Shot

In addition to focusing on space, it’s also important to make sure you capture all the smaller van features that will help to sell your campervan. You’ll want to capture detailed shots – anything that really sets your van apart.

These might include high quality fixtures and fittings (e.g. faucet, handles), creative storage solutions (e.g. pull-out pantry etc), and any extendable items (e.g. kitchen faucet which doubles as an outdoor shower). Or, like the example below, they could focus on the quality of the overall finish.

Wooden cabinetry in Mercedes Sprinter camper van
Photo credit: Oxbow Van Conversions

7. Electric Set-up Shot

There are different types of van buyers: those that know a lot about campervans – perhaps this is not their first campervan purchase or maybe they’ve been glued to YouTube van build videos for months. Then there are those who don’t know much at all, and are going to learn on the road. Whoever you’re selling to, they’ll appreciate a shot of your electric set-up, even if just for reassurance that it looks neat and professional.

For many, buying a camper van will be unfamiliar territory. If you’ve got a really clean set-up with simple controls, showcase this too.

Electrical set-up in Mercedes Sprinter camper van featuring Victron electrical kit
Photo credit : Oxbow Van Conversions
Electrical switches in Mercedes Sprinter camper van conversion
Photo Credit: Oxbow Van Conversions

8. Hygiene Shot

We get more questions from vanlife enthusiasts about the hygiene set-up in vans than pretty much anything else! Use your photography to show your toilet and/or shower set-up. Doing so will help answer these logistical (pressing!) questions and, despite not being the most glamorous shots, they will help to sell your campervan.

Felame taking an outdoor shower from the back of a Mercedes Sprinter camper van conversion with blue surfboard and ocean
Photo credit: Nova Conversions

9. Configuration Shot

You don’t want to leave potential buyers with any questions. It causes friction and many won’t bother to reach out to clarify, they’ll just move onto the next campervan listing.

If there’s anything that folds out, lowers down, swivels round – tables, bed, other modular furniture – capture it!

This is especially important if you have a classic dinette/bed configuration.

Stove in drawer, opening from the back of camper van vonversion
Photo Credit: Sandy Vans

10. Wow-factor shot

Show potential buyers the true wow-factor with a lifestyle shot or two.

If you have a kennel tucked away underneath the bed, invite a four-legged friend over and show them how cozy it really is. Did you go the extra mile to pack in some clever surfboard storage? Showcase just how easily a board can fit in that space. Got a genius office setup, perfect for remote work on the road? Capture this so they can see its full nomadic capabilities!

Instead of simply listing these features in your description, use photos to create ‘wow’-worthy hooks!

Black Mercedes Sprinter camper van with rooftop tent and hammock, featuring man and two young children on rooftop deck
Photo credit: Adventure Family Vans

Now You're Ready to Take Your Campervan Photography to the Next Level...

If you’ve followed this guide like a pro, your campervan is now primed to sell – you have all photography essentials to list your campervan for sale, to drive inquiries, and to create buzz!

If you’d like to take your camper van advertisement to the next level, you might alos like to consider:

  • Wheel shots (especially if you have some great rims and chunky tires)
  • Solar panels
  • Swivel seat
  • Fridge/cooler set-up

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